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Google Nest Doorbell

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Just got the new Google Home/nest doorbell   It won’t allow me to change or set up sound in notifications on my iPhone. 
worked fine with the old “Nest” app. 




Unfortunately, the new 2nd gen Google Nest Doorbell does NOT have any sound detection: "Sound detection is only available on Nest Cam (wired), Nest Cam (battery) with wired setup, and Nest Cam Indoor 2nd gen."

Even with our 2nd gen battery camera, all we can detect are alarm sounds from smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, which is not of much use for our outdoor battery camera.

Thank you, but, I wasn’t talking about sound detection I’m talking about notifications I get a banner, but no sound to alert the notification


That's odd. Do you have sound turned on for the Google Home app in your iPhone Settings?

We still have the older Nest Hello Doorbells, but we have 2nd gen cameras, and we can only get standard iOS notification sounds, just as for our older 1st gen cameras.

We DO have the wired Nest camera. No one seems to be understanding my question. I receive the notification on my phone but there is no sound notification to  Let me know I received it. I only see it if I happen to open my phone. Same with the door bell, NO sound on my device, only through the home doorbell it is wired to. 


Sorry. Your post only refers to the doorbell, so I did not realize you also had a camera. The only thing that I know of that controls sound for our Google Nest camera and doorbell notifications is the setting for the Google Home app under iPhone Settings | Notifications shown below. The volume depends on the volume setting on our iPhones.  For our older cameras, there's a similar setting for the Google Nest app.


You could try contacting Support using the link and instructions in the post below:

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi OT54,


Thanks for posting in our Community. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. Don’t worry; I’m here to help.


Let’s check the permissions for the Google Home app on your iPhone.


Follow the steps here: iOS Notification Settings.


More information can be found in this handy guide: Nest notifications not working.


Let me know how it goes.


I appreciate your help, MplsCustomer.