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Google Nest Hub WebRTC

Community Member

Hi everyone,
I am implementing a smart home action for a doorbell type device (not Nest), I am testing it on a Google Nest Hub and for the signaling channel I use the AWS Kinesis WebRTC service. In the SYNC answer specifically I provided as cameraStreamSupportedProtocols => "webrtc" and as traits => "action.devices.traits.CameraStream". In the response of the EXECUTE I pass the signaling endpoint and the iceServers. The device then correctly generates an offer on the endpoint but after sending the master's answer to it, the Nest fails to start the stream and remains on the live camera opening screen with the message "the camera feed is not available". In the master configuration I have disabled the ICE trickle because not supported. Has anyone encountered the same problem? Is there any particular configuration regarding the SDP answer?

Thanks in advance!