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Google Nest Products are a huge disappointment, Do Not Recommend

Community Member

The entire Google Nest setup is a huge disappointment. We have the doorbell, nest hubs, the smaller displays, the speakers... We dropped a lot of money into this setup, less than a year and a half ago and they are trash. They always disconnect, they are never connected when you need them to be, for example, I could look at the doorbell randomly if nothing is going on, but if somebody rings it or walks by and activates it, 99 times out of 100 it will not connect and will say 'video unavailable.' When the doorbell gets down to 5% it stops working to 'save battery' but what is the point in saving battery if no functions of the doorbell work? Also, the view of the doorbell is so inferior to any other doorbell cams on the market. Most of the view I get from the doorbell, when it actually works, which isn't very often, is 50% sky. I can't see 15 feet to the right or left of the camera to see my driveway and car, but I can see 40 feet of sky. The other cameras on the market (that I used to own) I was able to see my neighbors houses on either side. Not happy. Wish I could get some of the money I spent on them back as they only work about 25% of the time, if that. The hubs have issues with disconnecting all the time as well. We liked that everything was controlled from one app, which is why we decided to give it a shot, then after spending heaps of money, we realized how inferior they are. You can't contact Google Support at all when you do have an issue, or at least it's very difficult to, I don't think we were ever able to find a customer service number to call. Don't waste your time, go with other products on the market that have been around and built a reputation.


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience.  For the nest doorbell I do find the hard wired version far superior, I have had it since it was released and no issues at all (unless my wifi goes out of course) .  For the viewing range, could you not adjust the mount so you see what you want to?  

Community Member

Same here. I've been utterly disappointed with performance. Outdoor cams done after a years use.  Doorbell not even a year old and now I can't get it to connect no matter how many times I try to reset or restart.  Time to move on from this overpriced garbage.