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Google does not stand by their product! Don't buy

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Had a Nest IQ outdoor cam fail without any external issue (just mounted on a wall in a dry place, no freezing) after just over 3 years of operation.

And the customer "service" has the audacity to ask us to just buy a new one. 

Google does not offer service or repairs of any kind on these products nor do they extend the warranty as long as you play for their cloud service (like Amazon does for Ring devices). If they break (and they will break!) you are out of your money and the "support" will just tell you to buy a new one.


They just don't stand behind their $400 product.

Don't invest in this eco system, you will be disappointed!  



I like the idea of extending the warranty with a subscription. I looked up the Ring Protect Plus package (

Google Nest, you should do this!  I  posted this as a question to Google Nest here:

Or better yet make a product for $400plus that actually works more then 2 to 3 years. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


@rossi772 thanks for posting here in the Community. To know more about the issue of your Nest Camera, could you tell us what happened? Do you have a case ID you can share from your interaction with our support team?


@Mgarretson we know where you're coming from and this is not the experience we want you to have. Could you also share your case ID with us, so that we can check what happened?


Looking forward to your response.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.




What initially happen was described in the original post, I have multiple Nest cameras and an outdoor IQ camera just stopped working after ~3 years.  Even though there are no external factors that would put it under any stress. I checked the wiring, took the camera down and there was e.g. no damage to it and also no water in the base, it just stopped working.


I searched online and found many others having the same issue(and you can see how true that is as even this post already has 4 kudos) so I contacted support to see if they can help with a repair or replacement and their only comment was a link to the store page to buy a new one. This was a $400 camera I just don't expect them to die after just 3 years of service without even an option of repairing it, especially if it does not have any parts that "use up" e.g. like a battery. And I found it very rude how the customer support just told us to buy a new one.


I have two case numbers (3-9045000033813, 0-5571000033803) we started a second one as they told us to get back to use in the first case but never did.

At this point I honestly want to just warn other customers to not buy into this ecosystem with subpar products that Nest/Google is not standing behind.


My moms home has Ring products which not only already last for over 5 years, the one camera that did fail was replaced under the Ring protect plan without any issue.

I sent 14 emails back and forth with videos and pictures and don't see what doing this all over again will get me. Unless your offering to fix or replace the two cameras that I had just stop powering up. I took one that stopped work and replaced it with one that did and it fired up, and the one that didn't originally fire up didn't in the new location. And my other one is 3 stories up and not gonna climb a ladder on slanted ground to be told so sorry you promise to learn from this. 

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I like many others found out the hard way that Nest cameras are garbage. I had two just out of the blue stop powering up. I was requested to send pics, videos and the serial numbers, after 14 emails I got we are so sorry but there's nothing we can do. You now have over $800 worth of paper weights. But they promised they would learn from this. The only thing I see they've learned in theses threads is how to lie, pretend to care and steal people's hard warn money. DON'T BUY NEST CAMERAS