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How do I view my ENTIRE cameras feed history (24/7 Video) , not just events, on the Google Home app?

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I am not looking for "events", I am just looking to rewind back the footage as you could do in the Nest app. I could literally watch every second of the day if I wanted too even if there were no "events" that occurred to trigger a event/clip. How is this accomplished with the Google Home app? I am reluctant to install my new Nest Google doorbell as it is incompatible with the Nest app if you can't actually rewind back the footage regardless of events (as we could do with the Nest app). 

If you can't do this within the app you need to add the feature into this Google Home web page/app. These products are being bought with certain expectations of quality and features that Nest users were familiar with and if you are wanting to migrate people away from the Nest app and aren't going to provide the same functionality (or are actually providing less functionality) then something is seriously wrong.



Hey Mpls. I checked out the thread but unfortunately it seems like whatever device he was on (iPad) is different than what is available on Android (which I have) or PC. There seems to be no such button available for me. Is this feature not available on anything but the Apple devices?


In the image on the other thread you pointed to this:

From Other Person.jpeg

But unfortunately, there is no such button on an Android (or PC as far as I can tell) device. Here is my view:


Live ViewsLive ViewsNo timeline buttonNo timeline button

I don't see the button as mentioned to the other user. Thanks again!


The screen capture you provided is all you can see in the Google Home app for history for the 1st gen cameras and doorbells that were installed in the Google Nest app--events only. At present, full support for the 1st gen cameras is still available only in the Google Nest app, though Google Nest is promising to gradually add full support in the Google Home app for our 1st gen cameras.

The screen shot that I provided is what you can currently see in the Google Home app for history for the 2nd gen cameras and doorbells that get installed in the Google Home app--both events and 24/7 history.  If you install your 2nd gen Google Nest Doorbell, this is what you will see for THAT 2nd gen camera.

Google Nest is half-way through transitioning 1st gen cameras to the Google Home app.

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I appreciate the help, @MplsCustomer, Edmond, and Zoe.