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How to schedule alert notifications for evenings only

Community Member

Is it possible to program the Nest Camera to send alerts ONLY at NIGHT when a person is detected?   I want to be alerted if anyone is trying to break into my car at night.  


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This really seems like the most basic of functionality for security cameras. My family comes and goes all day long. I don't want a push notification every time somebody walks out to the backyard. But I ABSOLUTELY want to know every time somebody approaches the back door after 10PM. My Ring cameras made this very easy to schedule. I assumed it would be a basic feature with Nest cameras also.

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If this is truly not possible (as seems to be the case), this product is an absolutely astounding failure. I can't believe I purchased such a ludicrously expensive camera (floodlight cam) that doesn't do this basic thing. I also see this has been registered as a problem/request for two years. I'm honestly shocked that google is selling this and/or failing to support basic features like this. What's the point of the fancy detection if you can't schedule alerts?!? I'm really disappointed.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everybody,

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. There's no specific option to set a time when you want to get the notification. You can turn on the do not disturb when you don't want to get a notification from your Nest Camera and turn it on at night.


Give these steps a try:
     Google Home app.

          1. Make sure the mobile device is signed in or linked to the same account as their speaker or display.
          2. Open the Home app .
          3. Press and hold the device's tile and then select Settings Settings and then Notifications and digital wellbeing and then Do not disturb.
          4. Tap the slider On then Off.


Let us know how it goes.


Community Member

That's not a very "smart" solution is it? Is there a way to automate this via assistant or the fancy new "routines"? I notice there are templates for bedtime and morning routines, but no way to turn notifications on/off as actions in those routines. It starts to feel like Google is trying to prevent this from working... 

Community Member

I sure hope that Google isn't disabling this functionality so that it can sell it back to us as a subscription service. It's conspicuous that this fucntion used to be possible with the Nest app, but disappeared when Google migrated the cameras to the Home app. Right around the same time that they bought ADT. Is Google hobbling the automated capabilities of their nest cams so they they can sell ADT security services?