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How to set Google Nest cameras to record when away?

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Before Google bought NEST, all my NEST cameras (old and new) would record when I was away from home.  Now that google home is the place to manage your cameras, and I no longer can see my newer cameras in Google NEST (only google home), how do I set them to only record when I am away. I have cameras in my house and don't want recording when I am home. Why is this not a feature when it was a feature of NEST??? And of's Google....and I can set up a ton of automations for tons of 3rd party products in Google home except for my cameras that GOOGLE OWNS!!!!!!  Am I crazy or is this really  the case???


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

You can use presence sensing and home & away routines for this:

How Nest cameras automatically switch to Home or Away - Google Nest Help

Home & Away Routines (Google Home app) is the newer version of Home/Away Assist (Nest app).