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Indoor Wired Cam can’t connect to app.

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I’ve plugged in the wired indoor camera, open the app, click set up a new device, choose the home, it looks for devices and stacks the shapes, it says “what are you setting up? I click “camera” - click near cam indoor and scan the QR code, get the check mark ✔️ and it just go back to the Home Screen. Nothing else happens. Any ideas?

In my old house I set this up no problem (guessing 2018 or 2019) but no luck in my new house.

Added note: when I plug it into the outlet the outer ring glows blue then turns off - just once - no pulsing. Not sure what that means… 

thanks in advance everyone! 





Is this the new wired indoor camera (released starting in 2021) or the old one? Is this a new camera or is it an existing one that you had installed in your old house? If it was the latter, did you first remove it from your old Google Nest "home" and reset it?

Hi - it’s old - guessing 2018 or 19.  I only have the one original one from this time period. I had it set up facing out of a window and it worked “okay” but I’ve since moved twice. At some point i removed the device from the app. Hence needing to add it again. Have not reset the device- I can google that hopefully there’s some info on it. 

not sure if any of this is helping! 
Appreciate prompt reply to my post 


I haven't moved a camera  to a new home, but this is Google Nest's help page  on that:

Thanks but unfortunately that link didn’t help. It said: 

If your camera doesn’t have a Nest Aware subscription:

  1. Remove your camera from the Nest app.
  2. Uninstall it.
  3. Install it in its new home.
  4. Select the new home in the Nest app.
  5. Set it up in the Nest app.

it’s this last step - it won’t set it up. Reads the QR code then nothing…

thanks for trying - appreciate it. 

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Thanks for your help here, MplsCustomer.


Great troubleshooting so far, BigSugar66, thanks for your efforts. Let's get this sorted — a few questions: what's the status light of the camera? Have you tried it with another wall outlet to see if the blue light stays on? Have you removed the camera from the Nest app and tried re adding it? Also, how far is the camera from the router?


Give these steps a try:


  1. Quit and restart the Nest app.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is on. Toggle Bluetooth off, then back on to refresh the connection.
  3. Restart your camera, unplug it from the wall outlet wait for 60 seconds then plug it back in.
  4. Restart your router for 1 to 2 minutes.
  5. Close all the apps running in the background reopen the Nest app then try pairing your camera again.
  6. Move your camera close to the router at least 3 to 5 feet.

Let me know how it goes.




Good morning! Success!! 
I got up early before anyone needed wifi and reset the router. Still didn’t work lol. I had tried resetting the cam with a pin yesterday and nothing happened. Today I got a smaller pin and really jammed the thing in and it beeped. I did it again even harder and it did a “tone countdown” and finally reset. Now it’s working! 
perfect view of the back door now and our new kittens room (or should that be purrfect view?). 

one last question - is it possible to add this camera to the google home app or do I just use the nest app for viewing? 
thanks again for the help and patience!


Google Nest has decided that its newer cameras and doorbells released starting in 2021 can ONLY be used in the Google Home app and NOT in the Google Nest app or on the website, while our older cameras and doorbells can be VIEWED in the Google Home app but will continue to be administered and receive notifications in the Google Nest app. (If you have migrated your Nest account to Google and log into the Google Home app with the same gmail account and password you use for the Google Nest app, then seeing your older cameras in the Google Home app should be automatic.)

This is what Google Nest's Vice President said about this 2-app approach in Sept. 2021; there has been no update since:

Okay that makes sense - I’ll google how to migrate my nest over to the home app. Definitely more convenient viewing all in one app.


Well, even if you migrate your Nest account to Google, you'll still have to use the Google Nest app to administer your older cameras and receive notifications.

And if you do migrate, be careful how you do it. Some customers report problems. These are Google Nest Help's instructions:

I was just being impatient apparently lol - I wasn’t seeing the camera in Google Home app and all of a sudden a half hour later my wife goes “hey i got an email about a new device added?” She got it before I did. Now it’s on my app too and I’m a happy camper. Good to go now!  Thanks again! 

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Community Specialist



I am relieved to hear that your issue is resolved! I'll go ahead and mark this issue as resolved and close the thread. If you still need assistance, please feel free to create a new thread. 


Best regards,