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Link my new cameras in Google home to my Google nest app

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Link my new cameras in Google home to my Google nest app

how.? I see all my cameras in my Google Home but when I go to my Google Nest app it only shows to my doorbell and the Google hub max I have four other cameras three outdoor magnetic Google cam need help


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It depends which camera you are using. Some cameras cannot be used with the nest app, such as the google floodlight camera. For those, you can only use the inferior google home app. Good luck. If your camera can’t be used with the nest app I’d suggest exchanging it for a model that can be because the playback feature in the google home app doesn’t work a lot of the time. Pretty important for a security camera. 



Specifically the Google Nest cameras and doorbells released starting in the fall of 2021 (including the battery cameras and doorbells and the floodlight camera) work ONLY in the Google Home app and NOT in the Google Nest app or the website on our computer. We discovered this when we bought a Google Nest Camera (Battery) in September 2021 because Google discontinued the previous Google Nest Outdoor Cameras. So now we have to use the Google Home app for our one new camera and the Google Nest app and for our other cameras and doorbells.

Google has posted its rationale in these blogs on this forum--along with many customer reactions:

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Just stumbled onto this thread as I also just realized my new battery cams can't be setup on the Nest view, only the Home app. Moreover, no zoom capabilities unlike the IQ versions. Two of my outdoor IQ taken a crap the same time (2 yrs old), couldn't find any replacement outdoor power cables to fix them. 

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