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Mechanical chime stopped working with Nest hello wired doorbell

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Recently my 1st generation Nest Hello doorbell stopped triggering my indoor mechanical chime.

This is a wired doorbell

The indoor mechanical chime worked fine for a couple years without any problems

Recently when pressing the doorbell button it will cause the Nest doorbell to crash and restart.  I've disabled "indoor chime" and that at least solves the problem of the doorbell restarting.

I've replaced the Nest doorbell with the original doorbell and verified that the indoor chimes still work fine.

I've done a factory reset on the doorbell which didn't change anything.

I've taken the Nest doorbell off and charged (does it actually charge the internal battery when you do this?) it with a USB cable over night. That had no affect.

I live in Colorado where it's winter and fairly cold right now.


I've read several other posts in this group about people experiencing the same behavior after a couple years.  Some people say it's either related to cold weather or simply a bad internal battery.   

Other than attempting to replace the internal battery is there anything else I can try or am I screwed since this is out of warranty I'm assuming?






If you've had your doorbell for a couple of years, you have the Google Nest Hello Doorbell, NOT the 2nd Gen Google Nest Doorbell, which just came out late last year. (That's Google Nest's nomenclature.)

Google Nest has told many of us customers that it "cannot" replace a Google Nest Hello Doorbell if the internal battery fails after the 1-year warranty. The internal battery has failed on all three of our Nest Hellos, so we've turned off the "Indoor chime" option and are instead relying on the "Visitor announcements" option ( to send announcements to our Nest Hubs and Mini.

The thread below on the internal battery failure now has over 1,000 replies:

Thanks. Edited my post to replace 2nd gen with 1st gen.  That's quite disappointing that they won't last more than a few years.   Is it too soon to tell if the newer ones will have the same problem after a few years?


I've asked in a couple of posts in this forum whether the new 2nd Gen Google Nest Doorbell has a similar internal battery, but Google Nest has not responded, and there is nothing in their marketing material about an internal battery.  (The Nest Hello's marketing materials didn't mention an internal battery either.)  I've seen other customer posts saying Ring doorbells have a similar internal battery problem.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi jamie7890,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community and for sharing with us the troubleshooting steps you've done. To know more about this issue, I'd like to confirm, what is the light status of your 1st gen Nest Doorbell? Also, just to be sure, how did you reset it to the factory default? Normally after the reset, your Nest Doorbell should have a pulsing blue light, indicating that it is ready to be connected to the Nest app.


Give these steps a try:

  1. To remove your Nest Doorbell from its base, insert the release tool into the hole at the bottom of your doorbell. You can also use an unfolded paper clip or a thumbtack.
  • Tip: Don't unscrew the wires attached to the back of your camera.

       2. Hold down two buttons on your Nest Doorbell for about 10 seconds:

  • Hold down the reset pin on the back (insert the release tool or paperclip into the hole near the top).
  • At the same time, hold down the big doorbell button on the front.

       3. Your Nest Doorbell will chime and its light ring will start spinning blue, then flash yellow, and then all the lights will turn off. Release the two buttons.

       4. The factory reset is complete when your Nest Doorbell chimes and the light ring starts slowly pulsing blue.


Hit this link for more information.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.




The light ring on my doorbell is blue.

I performed the factory reset using the same instructions you provided. The pulsing light was blue in color.

Just like MANY other people on this community, the problem appears to be an issue with the product that cannot be fixed with a reset so unfortunately I'm left with a doorbell that can no longer ring my doorbell chimes. 


What other suggestions do you have?