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Neat Hello - Peeling - second time!!

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Hello “The Internet” 😁


About two years ago I purchased my first Nest Hello doorbell - this started peeling about 10 months in or so, I received a replacement. A little over a year later this one is now also peeling - when contacting Google Support they state this being a “RARE” issue - Really Google? I understand this problem is inconvenient from a monetary and business standpoint; yet how do you think your customers feel 1: having this issue and 2: you not standing behind said issue (which btw is very well documented online).


I am not one to believe everything you read online yet this happening to myself twice within a two year time frame.

I would like to ask Google respectfully to address the issue, please. I payed good money for a far from good product. 

thank you all for your time and please forgive the rant; just hoping for a resolution!


I did contact Google's customer support once more per writing and will update this forum once i hear back from Google's customer support. 




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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


We understand and we know how important this is for you. We’ll take your experience as feedback and we’ll make sure to learn from this opportunity to improve. You can always reach out to our Google Support team for assistance. I'll be here if there's anything else.




Thank you for joining Steve,


I contacted Google Customer Support two weeks ago and have yet to hear back. The first time I contacted them I stood behind policy and where happy enough to almost immediately tell me I was out of warranty. I have the impression they don’t care and if I am incorrect and they do care; that is not the vibe I got from my last communication with their representative unfortunately. I believe in warranty existing for a reason and also agree that if someone is out of warranty; regardless how unfortunate; that is just how it goes at times. However; having a known quality issue and attempting to tell people it is a rare event is just not OK! I also believe fighting for what is right and this is one of those times! @Google I am requesting you to reconsider replacing my Nest doorbell once more