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Nest Cameras all went offline June 5th at the same time

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I have 5 nest cam battery and a nest doorbell. All hardwired. On June 5th around 9pm EST all of my cameras went offline. The doorbell still works. Yet since then I have not been able to get these devices back online. Anyone else have this bug with the latest update? Really upsetting me because I’ve been having a lot of issues with the WiFi pro and now the cameras add to the drama. Everything else functions on my network as intended. Speeds are great. Any one else experiencing this?

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I talked to Google today. 

Its a known bug thats been going around the last two weeks, it dont affect everyone… Google say it will be online by itself when they fix it, but dont know when that will be! 

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Yes mine do it often. Sometimes they can reconnect after i turn my modem off/on. Sometimes they dont. One way i can sometimes get them to sort of "wake up" is to plug a charge cable in for 1 to 30 minutes. Usually within a few minutes of plugging the charge cable in they reconnect if they are ever going to reconnect that is....

If you've changed your wifi password that could be an issue but from your post you saying your doorbell is still working i doubt it would be a password thing...

I have 7 cameras over $2000 worth of faulty garbage that constantly need resetting or manipulating of some sort to get them to work. In saying that i haven't had proper access to them in over a month because of the new home app update...

Unfortunately google ripped me off big time i feel so stupid i wish I'd have read this forum i would never have bought them

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All mine went offline tonat the same time. Including the doorbell

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I am experiencing the same issue, with the same product

  • Nest Doorbell (Battery) sated it went offline at approx 0935 BST, 19 Jun
  • Performed a normal reset, camera showed the usual white status light indicating it was connected, not yellow as suggested by other help articles
  • Rebooted the router as recommended by Google "help" articles
  • No other devices using bandwidth in the home (also, at time the error occured, only one device was active - so this isa red herring) 
  • Home app shows the doorbell has been allocated an IP address, and my router confirms this
  • I can see via the router software that the Doorbell is communicating with, and receiving data from, the network
  • No network changes have been made in the last 6 months
  • I am receiving event notifications from the device as normal, and recordings appear in the Home app normally
  • Pressing the doorbell triggers assistant device notifications within the Home as normal
  • I am unable to use Live View because the device says it is offline
  • I am unable to view the current battery status because it says this will update "when it is next online"

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Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


@All, thanks for reaching out here in the Community. We understand that you're having trouble connecting your Nest Camera and Nest Doorbell to your Wi-Fi network. To know more about this issue, I'd like to confirm — what is your internet service provider? What is the light status of your Nest Camera and Nest Doorbell? Also, how far are they from your Wi-Fi router? 


You might wanna check out this link to troubleshoot offline Nest Camera or Nest Doorbell.


Looking forward to your response. 




No the trouble is they were connected until the recent update, and now they have been offline for days going on weeks. 

Please acknowledge by the cheer volume of reports that this isn't a local issue but a nest issue... It seems like the same applies to most customers in the UK... Please acknowledge this and fix ASAP - this is a security risk!!

I have about 1000mbt up and down. And they all show upp in the router app(deco) they have excellent reception. They all went offline at once. 

If i open the nest app i can still see the nest max. But it is offline in the home app.

I still get all notifications.


  • ISP is Virgin Media
  • Doorbell is about 8 ft from the router
  • Doorbell status light is solid green when there's movement in front of it (sold white after a restart)

Additionally, my Nest Cam Battery) went spontaneously offline at 22:45 on 19 Jun, following the doorbell by about 13 hours (it was working normally up until then) and is showing the exact same symptoms and behaviour (no live video or battery status, but all other functionality is working normally and the router shows it is sending and receiving data).

The Nest Cam has no status lights to check.

All troubleshooting steps from the linked article followed with the exception of the Apocapyltic option of a Factory Reset, which is not a "troubleshooting step" due to it's destructive nature and will not be performed. It's clear this was a pushed update from Google, so Googe can push an update to fix it, for what is patently a widespread issue.

Camera is offline but keeps recording movement and sends notifications. No live feed possible. Tried everything.

same experience for my nest doorbell battery. 

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Same issues with more than 20 new google cameras located in two different sites. Please support. It's a big issue. 

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Same here with 2 Nest cameras. Request for support.

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I've had this with one of my four Nest cams.  I've now -

- Reset my router (Didn't help)
- 5 second reset on Nest Cam (Didn't help)
- Full factory reset and remove from Home app (Didn't help)
- Tried moving another Nest device nearby (Didn't help)
- Tried creating a new 'Home' and adding to that  (Didn't help)

I'm now worried it looks like an issue at Google's end if many people are having the problem and I've now removed it from my network!

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Exactly the same issue with mine 😳

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Same here, woke up in the morning and all three outdoor Nest Cams are offline. event notification is working but nothing more than that.

Same experience here. Two different sites with two cameras on each site. First camera went offline yesterday and then with 2-4 hours interval each of the others went offline as well. Seems like the latest update crashed them all…

I talked to Google today. 

Its a known bug thats been going around the last two weeks, it dont affect everyone… Google say it will be online by itself when they fix it, but dont know when that will be! 

Same here the last 6 hours or so. Tried reset etc.

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Same here. Both me cameras went off line around 2am (UK time) this morning 20/06/2023. They show offline in Google Home but are recording events. I've tried power cycling the cameras. I don't really want to have to factory reset. I'm paying for Nest Aware Plus so Google need to fix this quick or start issuing refunds I think. 

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Can we please get an official response from Google on this issue? It's clearly affecting a LOT of users if not the entire Nest camera eco system. 

This is a shocking black mark against the product/support team

Same issue 3 cameras offline since 2am a google update is overdue!

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same issue here (Ireland), doorbell keeps recording events but no live stream with warning that camera is offline.

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Welcome to the club 

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My cameras just came back online.

Mine started working just now after being charged back to 100% power

Thanks yes 2 out of 3 have restarted streaming, I guess the update must be propagating across the globe.

hopefully the 3rd will wake up soon!

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my three Cams are still shown as offline. Unfortunately I am traveling for 10 days since this morning when it started. Did anyone of those where the cams started working again, check if the firmware got updated to a newer version than 1.67?

My firmware still says 1.67. I suspect it was a server side issue.

My now working cameras are showing 1.67 the 1 still not working  is also 1.67  so doesn’t look like a new release so maybe a google network/cloud issue?

Same here. 1.67

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Any ideas how I deal with this having factory reset and removed from the network?  Will it connect to anything to receive the firmware update?

I just tried and nothing for me still... wouldn't connect.

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Mine has just revived and turned on etc but I had to do another factory reset that was the third one ??  Weird 

All my four cams (two different sites) are back online. Did nothing, just waited. Didn’t need to reset anything.

Happy I read this thread and stayed calm 🙂

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My doorbell is back

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Mines too

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey everyone, 


We’ve duplicated your thread to the main one here. You’ll receive all updates on this issue on the main thread and we recommend updating and checking this thread when needed. 

Please note that once moved, this original thread will be locked.



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Hi All,

The camera and floodlight went "offline" overnight still sending notifications. Rebooted, reset, reinstalled, deleted home, restart - no luck. What made things worse, now the camera is not visible at all on the app and can not be connected. I googled this thread and was wondering if there is any news..

Thank you,


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iOS version update was 3.2.104 /349MB

It must be those diversity devs hired.