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Nest Doorbell & Samsung

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Hello all,

Im seriously annoyed with the issue that Samsung Phone owners are having with Nest Doorbells and compatibility, especially with the talk and listen feature.

How can Google continue to sell and advertise this product despite knowing full well the issue?

Why are they not stating in any adverts / documentation that they are not suitable or some features do not work with Samsung Devices?

After setting up the Nest Doorbell I assumed that all features would work using a pretty much top of the range Samsung S21 Ultra. 

Samsung are hardly a small or niche mobile phone manufacturer.

I am now left with a door frame that has been left 'damaged' with two unsighy screw holes after having to remove the doorbell as it does not have the main feature that makes a doorbell such as this worthwhile - the ability to speak to people when you are not at home.

The only response from Google is return the device - that's fine, but who will be paying to fix the damage to the door? 

Why should I have to have unsightly screw holes on my frame for no fault of my own? 

I could replace the doorbell with one from another ecosystem, but why would I do that? Unless Google are also going to refund me for the 10 other Nest devices I have so I can move over to Amazon Echos?

Ive read through responses and unfortunately they are just another buck passing / ignoring of the matter.

Google are refusing to admit of fix the issue.

Should we all step up and look at taking legal action, especially if you are in a similar boat and have been left with door damage?