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Nest Doorbell (battery) notifications in Google Home

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I have notifications from my Nest Doorbell (battery) setup. The notifications are shown on my wife's iPhone and on my iPhone. Can these notifications also be played on my Google Home speakers in the same "Home"? 




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We have a Nest Doorbell (battery) which is linked to my Google account, so it appears under Google Home on my phone, along with our Google Home Mini / Nest Mini speakers.  I added my wife as a member of the household (Settings in the Google Home app) and as a result, if the doorbell rings the notifications come through on my phone, the speakers, and my wife's phone too.  So, I'm guessing if you edit your Google Home settings so you and your wife are both members of the household, and the speakers and doorbell appear in there too, it should work the same way for you.

My Nest Doorbell (battery) is linked to my Google account and is in my Google Home (along with Google Home speaker and minis). We do get the notifications on my phone and my wife's phone but not on the speakers. It is weird and I cannot see how to make this happen. 

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That sounds really strange because the notifications worked on all of our speakers and both of our phones right from the start.  Do your speakers work for other things, like playing music, Google searches etc.?  Also, do they show up in the Google Home app along with your doorbell under the same "home"?  It might be worth rebooting the speakers (or resetting them - perhaps try doing one of them first if you have multiple) then ring the bell and see if that fixes it because there are no options in Google Home to change how the notifications work with speakers - they should just work.

My speakers (original google home and a handful of minis) all work for standard stuff: playing music, timers, searches, turning lights on and off.  But only the ringing of the doorbell is played on the speakers, no other notifications. 

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