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Nest/Google Cameras Multiple issues Part 2

Community Member

@EmersonB Why did you lock the original thread so no one can reply to your comments anymore. 

Original Thread: 

Nest/Google Cams multiple issues 


As everyone has been saying we have all rest our devices time and time again and it does not resolve the issue. 

This seems to be a standard reaction from Google with these kind of issues as I currently have 3 other cases for 3 different Google products and the bulk standard response is always "reset your device" 


This is not good enough. These issues with the cameras has been around for well over a year and the only suggestion you have is "reset your device" then look the thread. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT. 


For any users of Nest Cameras that are feedup with all the issues, poor performance and unreliability I have a solution that will fix the issue 100%. Especially since Google appears to not want to fix any of the issues with their existing products. 

  • Grab your camera or doorbell that doesn't work as promised. 
  • Throw it in the bin 
  • Buy another product. Any other product is going to be better. 
  • Personally I believe a powered wired connection to be best. 

Oh and if you are running on a Google Nest Wifi product my advice is to bin that as well. 

If you don't want to bin it maybe box it up and ship it to your local Google office. 

I personally could not in good faith resell these devices to someone else knowing a) They don't work as advertised, and b) the vendor is not interested in resolving the currently well known and well documented issues. 


Go on Google prove me wrong. Fix the issues with your products


Community Member

The "community specialists" are basically volunteers who can do nothing more than just copy/paste the already available documentation. I would really like some feedback from an actual google employee with insights into the problem. Even an acknowledgement that they're aware of the problems would be 'nice' at this point.

Community Member

And there is the problem. If a Google employee responds, then that would mean Google would have to acknowledge that there is an actual problem.  Even if you log a support case all you get is a standard response of "we will look into it" and that's it.  

I really don't know which is worse, their support or their actual products. The only think I know for sure is they both suck!!!!


Community Member

They lock the threads to hide how bad their products actually are.  I'm in the same boat with cameras and a mesh that are garbage.  I'm lucky if the cameras pick up motion even half the time!