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Nest Hello doorbell cracking and Intermittent turning off

Community Member

2 years of use, my nest hello doorbell started to crack and turn off intermittently, today the product is in a deterioriable state, becoming unfeasible to use, it turns off alone and is completely cracked, I am very disappointed with the brand, since the product has an extremely short expiration date, I am a subscriber of nest aware and I am reviewing the need to continue with the signature, given the impossibility of using the device


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi @Kauffmann,


I understand your disappointment with your Nest Hello doorbell. It sounds like you've encountered some frustrating issues with cracking and intermittent shutdowns, and I can see why that would be concerning after only two years of use.

Nest products are designed to last, and we expect them to function reliably for much longer than that. We take customer feedback like yours very seriously, and it helps us improve our products.

To see how we can help, I'd like to get some more information:

  • Can you describe the cracking in more detail? Is it on the front casing or around the mounting area? Any pictures you can share would be helpful.
  • Have you tried any troubleshooting steps for the intermittent shutdowns, like a power cycle or checking the connection?

We value your feedback and want to do everything we can to resolve this issue for you. Please help us improve by filling out the feedback form.

Thank you for your honest feedback. This is really helpful.