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Nest cam, Nest protect, Google Home and Google Nest

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So my new Google Nest cam isn't compatible with the Google Nest app and I have to use the Google Home app. My Google Nest Protect isn't compatible with Google Home and I have to use Google Nest. If this is right, I have to use two different apps for my two Google Nest devices. This seems crazy. Is it right?




Unfortunately, that is the situation.

Ever since we bought a battery camera almost 2 years ago, we've had to use 2 apps, the Google Nest app for our older cameras and doorbells and the Google Home app for our newer cameras.

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Google is working on fixing this though. Slowly but surely they are adding support for older Nest devices to to the Google Home app. In fact, this week Google shipped an update to Public Preview accounts that allows the first generation Nest Cam indoor to work within the Google Home app.

Unfortunately that’s not my problem. I have a new Nest Cam which works with Google Home, but not Google Nest. Nest Protect only works with Google Nest and not Google Home. It seems unbelievable that Google would sell two Nest devices which require different apps. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello tycochllan, 


We appreciate your thoughts about making our products better and more user-friendly. We’re working on adding more features, options and improvements. You may check this link to  Share feedback about Google Nest.

Thanks for the help, @MplsCustomer and @MetalGlacier.


Thank you, Edmond, for taking the time to respond.

However, you have not addressed my concern in any way. I do wonder if you are human or an AI or, more probably, a human pasting in a standard response.

I consider myself a customer of Google in this regard. I paid money for my devices and expect Google to take my concerns seriously. I would expect to be told:

  • Does Google recognise the particular issue I have raised?
  • If so, is Google taking it seriously?
  • If not, why not (no money in it, purchasers of products aren't particularly important to Google, few people have raised the issue, people will continue to buy anyway, ...)?

If Google is taking the issue seriously:

  • Where in the organisation is it being addressed?
  • What is the likely time frame?

I fully understand that if I use a free Google service (search, translate, etc.), I am not the customer. I am the product whose data is being sold to customers (advertisers, political groups, etc.). But if I have paid money to Google for a product, I expect to be treated as a customer and have my concerns taken seriously. I expect more than a standard response which insults my intelligence.

If you are a real person (or maybe even an AI), I look forward to hearing from you.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there, 

Google already started last year to have the same feature for our Nest App users on the Google Home app. For example, they launched the web app for the Google Home app, which is, but it is still in progress to have the same functionality as in terms of saving and downloading video recordings. Another feature added is automation capabilities in the Home app, in which you can create a household routine to schedule when your camera will turn on or off, similar to the experience in the Nest app. 

As for the other feature, we don't have anything else to share right now, but stay tuned for more news and updates.

Let me know if you have additional questions.