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Nest camera used to work great until wifi pw got changed

Community Member

camera is a Nest OutDoor, I have Nest Aware, anyways worked for almost the whole year, paid for a whole yrs worth of the nest aware, was all but 1 month from the full year. Well my Gf decides to change the WiFi p/w, kicked everything offline.  Google takes $60 from me automatically to renew the account month in advance. I tried like hell to cancel it but couldn’t get a refund. About 4months go by before I’m able to speak to someone with half a lick of English. We deleted an old account and made a new one transfer the payment from one account to the next, then fought like hell to remove the previously used account due to cameras won’t accept a new owner until the old one is completely deleted. Anyways I’m having issues with it staying connected. I usually have to restart my internet once a day to reconnect the camera. I’m getting sick of it. Also the light on the camera is always Blue. Even when it’s offline it is not yellow like it should be??? Any help be great sry for the long ass story…