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Nest hello wired door bell

Community Member

Nest hello wired installed on nest app  linked to google app  does not show on google app  both on Same email and password, nest thermostat operates on both apps also unable to link hello to nest aware any ideas was working ok until power cut other week




A power outage would have no effect on whether you can see your Nest Hello doorbell in the Google Home app.  (It's still administered in the Google Nest app. )  Nor would it have any effect on your Nest Aware subscription. Both depend on logging into the Google Nest app and the Google Home app with the same Google (gmail) account you were previously logged in with, and connecting to the same Google Nest "home/structure". Are you certain you're not logging in with a different Google Account or connecting to a different Google Nest "home/structure"?

Let me add a footnote.  Once or twice over the years, one of our Google Nest Hello Doorbells has not come back online after a power outage.  We were able to get it to come back online by turning off its electrical circuit for about a minute and turning it back on.