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Cold weather notifications on nest battery cameras

Community Member

Since I haven't heard any updates from Google I wanted to start another thread and hopefully someone can give an update. When are the low device temperature warnings going to have the ability to be silenced????  This is out of hand and makes the whole system useless. Every night I get woken up to a game of is it someone breaking into my house or is it just the camera telling me something I already know!!! The customer service is just horrible and I urge anyone to stay away from Google products. I used to think highly of them but now it's just broken products with no support!


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Theraven51,


We appreciate you posting here in the Community. The alert is intended to inform you that your Nest Cameras won't charge when it's below the charging temperature described in this article and that battery efficiency is reduced. It's not an indication of a permanently degraded battery. As of the moment, there's no way to disable this without disabling your Nest Camera notifications channel and it's not included in the critical notifications path.




Community Member

But I'm not trying to charge the camera.  When will this be fixed or are they accepting returns since the cameras are broken right now?  I see they just updated the app but didn't address this!