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Display Nest Camera on Nest hub

Community Member

Is it possible to have our Nest Hub automatically display our Nest Doorbell camera (2nd Gen) when the doorbell button is pressed?   Currently, the Nest Hub stays silent but our 2 Google Home Mini's announce the doorbell - our old electronic chime goes off as well.   Thoughts?










You SHOULD get a "visitor announcement" ( on your Nest Hub--displaying the doorbell's camera, unless your Nest Hub is set to "Do not disturb", or is in a separate Google Nest "home/structure" or on a different Google Account than your doorbell.

All of our Nest Hubs do so.

You could try contacting Support:

You could also try removing your Nest Hub from the Google Home app, doing a factory reset of your Nest Hub, and reinstalling it.

Got it.  Turned off Do not disturb and all is well.   Thanks for the help!