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New nest battery camera

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Hello I have a new nest battery camera and I am trying to figure it out. But the camera is in Idle all the time unless I view live ? I have changed all setting to what they are supposed to be I think ?? Could it be because I have mounted and plugged in all time ? It is mounted in a window? Could that be the problem?

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I finally got it to stay live and working awesome! Thankyou 

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If your battery camera is plugged in with the cable facing towards the FRONT of the camera, it SHOULD be "Live" at all times. We've had a Google Nest Camera (Battery) for a year, plugged in with the optional 10-meter power cable, and it shows "Live" at all times, and we have 24/7 history with the Nest Aware Plus subscription. If we check Settings | Battery, it shows as "Plugged in" with an infinity symbol.

When the camera is running on battery power, it's in "Idle" mode by default. Only if we unplug our camera do we see this; when we do unplug it, Settings | Battery then shows the battery level.

Mounting it in a window shouldn't affect whether it's "Live" or "Idle", but if the camera is viewing through the window, the infrared light for night viewing is probably going to reflect on the glass and mess up the view.

I have it plugged in but do not see the infinity symbol ?? I will maybe try resetting it and start over


Does it say “plugged in”?  Is it plugged in right? Is the battery charged?

I finally got it to stay live and working awesome! Thankyou 

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Awesome, great job! If you need help in the future, you know where to find us.


Thanks for your help, MplsCustomer.