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Re-connect Google Doorbell to WiFi

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I bought a Google Nest Doorbell (battery) recently. The first set up process was a living hell since I used forever to make it appear when I tried to install it in the Home app. Suddenly it worked, after trying 50 times. Now, I have the same issue. It got a new Wifi and need to connect the doorbell to the new router. 

I cancelled the plan with nest aware, removed the device from the Home app, and did a factory reset by holding a pin onto the reset button for about 12 seconds, till the yellow light is constant, and I get that notification sound. It's plugged inn a charger as well.

Now the same issue appear. When I try to add the "new old" doorbell, the app can't find it anymore when searching for devices. After yellow light goes away, it starts a constant white light, before it goes over to a slow blinking blue light, and stays like that. I have tried to search in all those different statuses, tried the whole 5, 10, 12, 30 seconds fixes with a pin, have the latest Home app update, nothing wrong with my wifi, and it's fully charged. 

What am I doing wrong? Since I changed from a Ring Doorbell to Google Nest, it's been a complete nightmare. Please help before I throw it into a wall....


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Gold Product Expert

Hello,  I'm an end user like you.  I'm sad to say but if you search this user forum you will see many many people reporting this same is and there never seems to be an easy solution.  

I believe these are the official steps to try and achieve what you want.  

Try the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Save any video history on the device, if any. Follow this guide.
  2. Unmount the device from is stand or mounting bracket, then connect it to a USB cable and power adapter, if applicable.
  3. Locate the reset pin on the device.
  4. Insert and hold the pin (you can use an unfolded paper clip or a thumbtack).
    1. At 10 seconds, the status light will blink yellow four times, and you’ll hear a countdown tone.
    2. At 12 seconds, the status light will be steady, solid yellow while the device starts the factory reset, and you’ll hear a confirmation tone.
  5. Release the button. Your device will restore to its factory settings.
  6. After the factory reset, your device will appear as "Offline" in the app until you remove it. Also, the status light should be pulsing blue.
  7. To remove it from the app, open the Google Home app, select the device, and then tap Settings > Remove device > Confirm.
  8. Make sure the phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as the selected network for the Nest device.
  9. Bluetooth should be enabled, but it should not be connected to any Bluetooth devices. Disconnect any Bluetooth devices paired to your phone, such as earbuds, smartwatches, etc.
  10. Cellular data should be turned off.
  11. If you have an iOS device, tap Settings > Privacy > Local Network and turn on Local Network Access for the Google Home app.

Start adding the device back to the Google

Okey, so I was in contact with Google via Messenger. After a couple of days writing back and forth, we finally solved it. I don't know what specifically made the big difference, but here's what I did:

1. Uninstall Home app

2. Install Home app

3. Set my phone in flightmode

4. Turn on BT and Wifi

5. Do a new factory reset on the doorbell while charging it.

6. Went through the "Add device" guide in the Home app once again

7. It found my doorbell so fast that I didn't even see it happen.

8. It then asked which WiFi I wanted to connect it to, and boom. Done.

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Wow,,, that is great news.  Hopefully these steps you outlined will help someone else with the same issue.

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@AndréMK, we're glad to hear that it's now all sorted out. Thanks for sharing the steps that helped you resolve the issue. Please let us know if you still have questions or concerns, as we'll be willing to assist you further. Otherwise, I'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.


I appreciate the help, @EmptyNester and Edmond.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello AndréMK

I'd like to jump in here and check if you've seen EmptyNester's response. Let us know if you need more help by replying to this thread.

Thanks for the help, @EmptyNester.