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Update Phone Number on Nest

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I’m trying to log into my Nest App and it’s sending a code to an old number. I don’t have access to that number, I’m not going to ask the wireless provider for access and I don’t know why Nest doesn’t have another option. How do I get past this and I’m not able to reset the camera. Also, I’ve updated my number with Google so I don’t need those instructions. 

How do I get into my Nest account if I don’t have the old number for the authentication code?




This is always a challenge when changing the phone number used in 2-step verification.

Google Nest says:

"If you plan to get a new phone number and stop using your old one, you should turn off 2-step verification before you deactivate your old line. Then you can turn 2- step notification back on with your new number.

Important: You’ll need to enter a verification code from your old phone number one last time. This is a security precaution to confirm your identity and help protect your account."

Under "If you can't access your phone number or email where we sent the verification code to", they go on to say:

"1. Contact your phone or email service provider’s support for help regaining access to your phone number or email account. For instance, if you can’t remember your email account’s password, you should be able to reset the password on your email provider’s website and then access your email account to view the email we sent to you.

2. If you can’t regain access to your phone number or email after contacting their support, you’ll have to factory reset your Nest products, and then add them to a new account. Note: You’ll have to re-invite people to share access to your home in your new account, and you’ll lose any video history and device settings information."

I suppose you could try contacting Support starting with the link below to see if they have any other recourse at all:

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Ml111674,


I'm jumping in to ensure everything is good here. Have you seen MplsCustomer’s response? The information he provided is correct.  Are you able to contact Nest support for additional assistance? If so, how was it?