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Wired Nest cameras not charging batteries

Community Member

I recently installed 2 new Nest cam (battery). They are both plugged into AC plugs with the Nest camera Weatherproof 5M cables.  Both cameras appear to be running on battery, rather than running on AC power.  The batteries don't appear to be charging and are running down. Ideas?


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hello Kenn55,  I'm an end user like you.  It sounds like  you may have defective cameras.  You may want to open a support ticket so that you can speak with an actual Google Tech person.  When you do this you  may want to set aside 30-60 minutes as they will no doubt want to walk you thru their script of trouble shooting even though you have probably done it all many times.  Here is the link. Once you enter all the info you will be given the chance for on-line chat or to speak with a person.

Good luck and please return here and let us know how it went...

Community Member

Thanks for the reply. I installed the cameras at my lake house and I'm in the city now. I will have to reach out to them when I can physically get at the cameras. 


Did you have the cameras plugged in with the optional power cables BEFORE you started the install? If not, you may have to remove your camera, do a factory reset, and reinstall.

Google Nest has no documentation on this. However, some customers report that during the install they specified that their camera was plugged in. Others report that they had their cameras plugged in before they started the install process. Either way, it seems that something needs to happen during the install process to configure the camera for either battery power or plugged in power.

We've had a battery camera for 23 months, plugged in with the optional power cable, and it has run on household current ever since. I think we plugged it in before we started the install, but I can't recall whenever we had to specify that it was plugged in during the install process.

Here's another current thread on the issue:

I was plugged into the battery charger included with the cameras when I set them up. I will try your suggestion of a factory reset and reinstall while hooked up to the optional power cables.



Make sure your power cables are plugged in securely and are feeding towards the FRONT of the camera.