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nest doorbell and cameras

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So i have issue with the audio cutting in and out with my samsung ultra 22.  I have the new indoor/outdoor battery cameras and nest gen 2 wired doorbell.  prior i had the nest hello and nest iq outdoor camera no issues.  Now in order for me to hear audio clearly on my phone i need to turn off the bluetooth and turn my media volume up.  Is anyone else having issues with this or have the fix?  only bluetooth device connected to my phone is my samsung watch


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I have the Google Doorbell (battery) if I check the doorbell and if I check it at any point it messes up my audio on my Samsung 22 Ultra. Google Home app somehow stays connected even after I exit the app. My audio cuts in & out and if I get in my vehicle it will connect and show I am on a call that I cannot disconnect from. I go to Battery & Device Care on my device, optimize then clear the memory to resolve the issue. I have filled out a form for Google and never heard anything. Still an issue!!!! 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community and for sharing with us your concern. It seems like there's a problem with the bluetooth connection from your mobile phone to your Samsung watch. To confirm, are you having this issue while viewing your Nest Camera from your Nest app or Google Home app? Aside from turning off your bluetooth and turning your media volume up, what other troubleshooting steps have you done? Try reinstalling your Nest app or Google Home app and check if you're still getting the same issue.


Looking forward to your response.




I have uninstalled Google Home and still had issues.  Never had an issue when I was using the nest app.  In Google Home app it uses my in call volume to hear.  I haven't done anything more to troubleshoot, I just turn the Bluetooth on and off when I need to use the cameras.  Inconvenient? Yes, but it's the only thing that seems to work

Every time I check my Google Doorbell (battery) it messes up my audio (if I watch a video on IG, the sound cuts in & out, it I try to use text to talk it won't work because it is cutting in & out while I speak and can't understand) Some how the Google Home App stays connect after I exit the app. If I'm in my truck, it will show up on my truck display as a call in progress that I cannot disconnect from. I have to got to Settings: Battery & Device Care, Optimize Now, and Clear Memory for the doorbell to disconnect from my audio. I should not have to do that, I should not have to turn off BlueTooth either.  I have re-installed the app

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Same issue on S21 Ultra. If I open google home app and view cameras everything messes up. All other apps have audio that cuts in and out along with laggy video playback.  If I'm in my car, after opening app and viewing camera, it acts as if any audio is coming through as a phone call. 

I have to force close google home app to get everything to work properly again.  

Immediately messes up anytime I reopen google home app.