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"Can't connect to assisting device" Gen2 Indoor Wired Setup

Community Member

Bought a gen2 wired camera, have mulitple other Nest products all working fine, tried to setup through Nest and it says go to Google Home...


Go to Google Home, go through the add device routine but always bombs out at "Can't connect to assisting device"... camera is sat there with the blue light slowly dimming and then coming on...


Any ideas?


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi Rubinski,  I'm an end user like you.  Short answer is the new gen cameras only work with he Google Home app which is severely lacking in the features that the NEST app has.   We have been told for over 9 months that new features were going to be added to the Google Home app but so far NOTHING!   And to make matters worse the new cameras are not viewable in any way on from your computer's browsers like the old gen cameras.

Like many people here on this forum have done I suggest you return the new cameras and buy the previous gen cameras USED from ebay or where ever.  You will be much happier in my opinion.  

That is shocking, hopefully someone from Google can comment before i return the gen 2 and buy more gen 1 cameras!

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hello Again,  I have read thru many of the treads here and it sounds like some people are saying if you power down all your other nest devices so the system doesn't see anyone of them, you can then proceed with adding the new device.  Not a great solution but it might work.  If you have a lot of nest devices I'm not sure this is reasonable.