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CCWGTV + VEMONT USB 5 in 1 HUB Loses Ethernet Connection

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I have a CCWGTV connected to a VEMONT USB 5 in 1 HUB (, with a UGREEN 65 W CHARGER (65W PD Fast Wall Charger – UGREEN). The USB ports on the HUB work properly and without issue with Dual Shock game controller, flash memory, and so on. But the Ethernet works inconsistently. It will work for a few hours after everything is plugged in but if the CCWGTV goes to sleep most times it won't work when it wakes up. Other times I simply can't get it to work no matter how many times I disconnect and re-connect everything. I have tried the HUB with my mobile phone and it works fine, even the Ethernet. But with the CCWGTV it's hit and miss. It worked fine for the first couple of weeks and then it didn't. I have troubleshot all cables. I am not sure, but I suspect the issue has to do with the CCWGTV going to sleep and being unable to wake up the Ethernet connection. Any help appreciated. Thanks.


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Community Specialist

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