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Google TV (Chromecast Built-in)

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1) When will Google/Android TVs be able to be added to speaker groups?


I have gone through troubleshooting provided on several forums including this one. 


2) I have also enabled the setting to allow casting to wake the TV up. This doesn't work at all. 


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

I'm sorry, are you asking about a Chromecast with Google TV attached to your TV or a TV that says "Chromecast Built-in" and doesn't need an extra device?

The answers are totally different.

TCL Google TV (built-in)


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Devices that have "Chromecast Built-in" are a bit different.  The maker of that device controls a lot of the options.  At first, they didn't support Speaker Groups but that should have been added as an update years ago.  Check with your device manufacturer to see if they support that, decided to not support it, or are still planning on adding it.

It looks like you have things setup correctly.  Does the TV show up as a casting option normally in the Google Home app?

Happy to report the TCL TV does show up as a castable/controllable device within Google Home.

This leads to a recent issue: after opting to cast from any supported application it only casts for about a minute then just stops and goes back to the Google tv home screen.