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How to add more storage

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster:James Barrett 6363

I added two USB drives to my Chromecast with Google TV. one of them is formatted as removable storage and is working perfectly the other one is formatted as storage and is not working at all. How do I fix this?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hey there James,
I'm sorry to hear that only one of your USB devices is having issues! I know from experience how confusing it can be setting up external storage for Chromecast with Google TV. I'd be happy to help you figure out the issue! 
First, I would check out this article on adding more storage to Android TV, it will give you the formats and steps you need to use.
If you followed the steps and made sure that they are the correct format, then please let me know, and we can try a few more steps.
Best regards,
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Why does the Chromecast run out of space like this? I have like 12 apps on my mine and it's out of space. According to the space allocated vs the space taken up, it's not nearly close to being full. And in order to add more space, I have to spend another $100 on equipment to add a thumb drive? This is not good business.

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Community Specialist

Hi there, 

We are closing this thread as it is a duplicate topic.