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I'm getting ads on YouTube when casting to Chromecast (2nd Generation) despite I have Premium.

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I'm getting ads on my Chromecast (2nd Generation) and I do not know why.

This problem started a couple of days ago when I started getting ads on YouTube-videos on my (Chromecast 2nd gen) even though I have Youtube Premium Lite (It is a cheaper version of Premium but the difference is that it only removes ads, it is so far only available in Europe). This has never been an issue before. 


I figured this would stop I logged in but when I tried to log in I received this error message:


Basically it says in Swedish that I can't log in to this TV but that I can still watch as a guest.

I rarely watch YouTube on anything other than my Chromecast so it would be good to know if I should end my subscription to Premium Lite or if this problem can be solved.




BIG UPDATE: YouTube is now claiming on my post about this on Twitter that this issue has been solved. But from what I see it hasn't because alot of YouTube-users are still commenting on this post and showing photos which clearly shows this is still a problem.


Link to my post on Twitter:

Twitter reply.png

506 REPLIES 506

@empydoodle, and others,

The functionality of logging-in to YouTube directly on a Chromecast is now supported only on the newest Chromecast through its Google TV YouTube app.

All other Chromecasts no longer support direct log-in. They require you to cast from another device with a YouTube app, and the broken mini-app still appears automatically after casting, or if you cast without selecting a video first.

The decision to drop support for direct log-in appears to have been made sometime before the functionality was broken by Google back in June. However, the YouTube support team still sometimes tells people they are “looking into it,” apparently confused just as we are, that the broken functionality and the “Can’t log in” error still appear.

Google created the direct log-in functionality as part of a new YouTube experience they introduced on Chromecast and other devices last year, and it still works fine on Roku devices. Support for this on Chromecasts has apparently been abandoned in favor of the Chromecast with Google TV.

Back in June, Android Police had an article explaining how Google straight-up ruined its brand new YouTube experience for older Chromecast.

Best part about that article is the link to this article...

The best streaming devices for 2022: Android TV, Roku, Apple TV and more (

Google has seriously lost its way here. I'm not into making demands for free devices. But I am into being told in advance before functionality is turned off. But the two decades of Google randomly ending services and support is becoming too much, even if they normally let us know in advance.

The Google boycott continues.

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The frustrating aspect to this is that you were able to log into Google premium using the chrome cast and for some reason it does not work now. It would appear to still contain my profile as it presents videos which are relevant to my preferences. I have had these sorts of experiences with Google in the past which I will not go into that as a result of this my solution has been to buy an Apple TV and I must say for me it has been an excellent solution. I understand that all devices cannot be supported for ever in fact I have an older Apple TV which fits into this category. Nevertheless I have been somewhat disappointed by Google's response to this problem. If there is a good reason as to why this matter has not been addressed that's fine but unfortunately the communication has been extremely poor

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I just ended my YT subscription. Why would i want to pay for that if i can't use features with Cromecast. That was only reason for buying the device. I really don't like when working devices stops working in really short time.

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Googles FB page talking about Chromecast. People should spamm that page also.

Just noticed packed bottom. "All features, functionality and other product pecifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. "
Go F your self.

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Same issue here. Started a couple days ago, happened as recently as 5 minutes ago. Wtf, Google? How is this still a thing over years?

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Just happened again. 

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Same. This had happened off and on for YEARS and I'm getting sick of it. I'm one of those people who will gladly use the paid/legal option if it's convenient, affordable and available but if you're going to take my money AND serve me ads I'm going back to using AdBlock and just spend my subscription money supporting artists directly through Patreon.

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From my testing so far, it only happens with my Chromecast Ultra. How is it that the newest hardware is the problem? My older models didn't serve up a single ad after HOURS of viewing. The Ultra just gave me an ad after less than 20 minutes. 

It's a 4k HDR capable device but apparently too old now to allow a sign in. The forced obsolecense is something Sonos tried and it backfired spectacularly. I doubt there is a large enough voice to pressure a similar result here but I'm already planning on never buying anything Google ever again. They can literally go **bleep** themselves if they think I'm dropping £500 replacing all my devices with their TV variant just so I can stream to devices I own when the devices I have still work perfectly.

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This will not be resolved, it's blatant planned obsolescence and forcing people to upgrade. 

The sad part is that premium customers are also affected because since you cannot log in on the device when others try and share into a playlist from their phone everyone will see ads even if you have premium a plan. Instead of the previous behavior where because you are logged in, everyone casting to the device will benefit from your membership (which is excellent at friend parties and hangouts) It's always annoying to have people over and suddenly you start seeing ads again.

Here's my story... I had the year plan so had to spend the time with a support case asking for my money back. After a month of back and forth emails and around 10 agents transferring my thread over and over, they finally got me to someone that could help and recognized this login issue will not be solved and so they offered two options:
- Credit on google store under the email that opened the case so you can purchase and upgrade the device to Chromecast with TV (that lets you sign in)

- Return my year plan subscription money (for this "one time only") but that means I will see ads regardless since I won't be premium anymore.
This whole process takes a while and you need to be persistent even if they repeat the same template answers until you get to the support level that has the permissions to help you and resolve this for you, it's not fair that as a consumer you are paying for no ads and due to their product planned obsolescence you have to spend more to enjoy the services you were already paying for. 
- If you don't a have premium subscription, I'm sorry I don't think you'll get anything. (or who knows if you an also pressure support into giving credit) 
- If you have a monthly subscription the refund process is easy but you will see ads.
- If you have a year plan, I recommend opening an individual support case and continuing to push through the support case, is worth the money to upgrade or to get your money back after you paid for the premium plan.

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I'm having the same problem as well trying to log in to YouTube. I've tried reboot YouTube Chromecast with Google Home app that didn't work, I've tried unplugging it and leave it for 1 minute then plugged back in but can't sign in for stupid reason and I even tried looking into the Chromecast troubleshoot but nothing works, so please Google, Team YouTube or anyone I need help with this crazy issue cause I've ran out of ideas, thank you for reading this comment.

Sorry to disappoint you, but they’re not reading your comment. They admitted that this is intentional. And since you weren’t aware of the issue, that shows the length Google went through to inform the public of this. This entire thread is a dumping ground for people asking about the Chromecast issue, and because they are completely ignoring everything here, the website steers your question here to be forgotten.


We are all stuck in this pit, and the “assistants” merged all the similar threads into this one. The hole keeps getting bigger, and we keep shouting, the voices are getting louder, and we’re still ignored.


Welcome to the club. Sorry to have you… 

Yeah, thanks anyways. 

Hi everyone, 


I understand this has been a frustrating experience. Our team is still working on a fix. I'll keep this thread open and let you know once we have news to share. Thanks for bearing with us.




Why don't they just bring back the old "ready to watch" screen that never had these issues to begin with? It's hard to believe they're actually "working on a fix" when the fix seems very easy and simple. Why doesn't the "team" simply explain why this is taking so long to be solved? What are the difficulties they're facing to be so hard to solve? The team clearly has the technology already from previous and new software versions. Just tell us the truth already so we can throw the devices away and buy Roku or something.

There you go again, marking a non-solution as the accepted solution. This issue is still unresolved...


Simply saying you'll let us know if there is any news isn't a solution.

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Jennifer please, kindly, stop lying. There have been posts with sources sighted that straight up state that the deprecation of this ability is completely by design. There is no one working on a fix, there is nothing to fix because this isn't a software of feature defect, it's something intentionally put into a new software release to forcibly obscolete a perfectly functional product. I hope you realise that acting this way just confirms and adds to the already frankly awful behaviour of Google on this matter, and you're now simply a part of it. For shame.


I've reported your post to a moderator for being inappropriate, I urge everyone else to do the same.

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I am having the same issue and is still not fixed!


System firmware version: 291998

Cast firmware: 1.56.291998

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I use YouTube app on the Chromecast, with the "virtual remonte" integrated in Android YouTube app. When playing video using this option, ads are presented. Even if I am a prenium member. 

I tried to connect my account directly in the YouTube Chromecast app. But i received an error.

I'm a YouTube Prenium member since it's available in Canada. And previously a Google Music member. My major reason having a Prenium account is avoiding viewing ads. Especially because kids are core users at home.

Hope that you could find a solution to resolve the issue. I'm available if you need more detail about the case.


Jonathan Simard 


Then give us a discount on premium!!  The WHOLE POINT of premium is to NO GET ADS... if I'm getting ads, then what's the point of premium?!

…and if anyone does respond, it will likely be an ambiguous response, something to the effect of “I understand this has been a frustrating experience. Our team is still working on a fix. I'll keep this thread open and let you know once we have news to share. Thanks for bearing with us.“

If they were actually working on a fix, Google would say something in public. But they don’t plan on fixing it because there aren’t enough people complaining about it. If they went public, then more people would actually figure out that they are getting boiled slowly in a pot. Instead, someone in here will say something to appease everyone here and put off any fix as long as possible, without going public. You’ll notice how everything gets merged into one thread. Easier to ignore. They keep this thread open because it’s a pit of forgotten customers. Some people in here are already ignoring this thread, it’s gone on long enough. The number of likes this comment receives will be indicative of how many people who are still paying attention; lack thereof will be indicative of how many people gave up. Over a long enough period of time, Google will no longer be responsible. Everything will be forgotten, and that will be the end of it. It’s a tactic used by cults, authoritarian governments, and unethical businesses everywhere.

”It’s just a Chromecast” but it is also a clear sign of what Made By Google  is all about: consumerism, apathy, and greed. They destroyed so many good products. Motorola Mobility, Fitbit, Nest Labs, YouTube, HTC, Zagat, Waze, AdMob, etc. ($41.6B alone in disclosed acquisitions, see Wikipedia for List of Mergers and Aquizitions by Alphabet) all purchased by Google and crushed into their mold. They don’t care about a handful of Chromecast users. Welcome to the pit.

If you can get out of the pit of Google, do it now. Dump everything. That sounds extreme. It’s too late for me. I sold my soul to the Googleplex back so long ago that I was able to register my address as # way back in the day. Try doing that now, it’s be more like #, that’s how many people are sucked into Google. Escape while you can. It’s the only hope for the future.

The things you own… end up owning you.

- Tyler Durden

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I use chromecast since 2016, I use a chromecast ultra on my toshiba tv since about 2017.

I use my phone Samsung Galaxy S9 sm-g960w to cast through my wifi router.

I experience randomly some weird issues. I dont know how to reproduce it.

I click on the cast button, on my phone on youtube app, like always, cast begin on my TV but the content does not start. Instead it shows a youtube app menu. Menu that I never saw before, I cant access it normaly. This youtube menu is a sort of default youtube app disconnected from my google account. I can use the virtual remote controller on my phone in the youtube app to navigate this new menu. I tried to connect to my google account but it just show a tab with "login impossible" message.

I think its some sort of default fallback of the app on the chromecast ultra device.

Its annoying because I'm a prenium member, so I see ads and the content selected on my does not play and recommendation are "default" instead of my youtube account.

It seems youtube app on the chromecast ultra device does not connect to my account and does not really synch with my phone. I cant play the content selected on my phone youtube app.

See pictures in shared drive. Its in french, so you gonna need to speak french. Yes i speak french.


phone youtube app version: 17.28.34

android 10

kernel 4.9.186-21635681

chromecast ultra firmware 281627

cast firmware 1.56.281627

language fr-CA

TV: Toshiba 43L621U


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Redfruitz,


Thanks for posting and I'm sorry for the late response. Our team is still working on a fix. I'll merge this to the similar trending issue on this thread in the Community. I suggest that you follow the main thread for updates because this thread will be locked automatically once merged in the main one.



'Our team is still working on a fix.'

Are they though? 


Because every 'official' response we've seen says otherwise.


Yes, they’re working on merging it with the other group.

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Here is a workaround for older chromecasts to not have to watch ads because you can't sign in.

You will need two devices that can cast to your Chromecast.


On the first device Open YouTube and cast to your device when YouTube shows on your TV use the remote to go to settings on the left hand side.

From settings you will see the link with TV code option. choose that.

The code will display on your TV screen.

Get your second device and launch youtube. Cast but this time choose link with TV code, and type the code in that you see on the TV screen. Chromecast will reconnect to the second device and now you can watch without ads.


Weird workaround. I wonder if that is related to Bishop Fox’s “CastHack” and, if so, I wonder if that’s why Google is removing the sign in credentials. It would explain why they won’t publicly acknowledge the problem. A security issue would be especially bad with a war going on between Ukraine and a former KGB/FSP dictator. Information warfare is huge these days.


Funny that my PS4, a product from 2013, still works great. Now using a non-Google device to watch a Google service because Google broke a Google product. Sony still supports it just fine. Maybe it’s just more secure? Chinese chips in the Chromecast suspect?

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Having the same problem, for the last months...

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Ok, seems like the only solution is to actually cancel premium, and install adblockers instead.

**bleep** you google 




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Deffective by design

Cancelled my premium membership.

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So shortly after coming across this thread and realizing pretty quickly that Google couldn't care less about us, I contacted Made by Google support on Twitter. After being told they didn't care, and having to complain some more, they finally agreed to send me a new chromecast with TV. They did send it, which I definitely appreciate. Credit where it's due. 

However, after having this new one for a few weeks now, I've decided to get a Roku and never buy google hardware ever again. This thing is so inexcusably buggy it's insulting. While I can sign in again like normal, the youtube app CONSTANTLY crashes, randomly disconnects from my phone, and half the time trying to reconnect causes the chromecast to hang indefinitely until it restarts itself. Autoplay constantly gets turned back on on ALL MY OTHER DEVICES. Also, if you are paused for more than FIVE MINUTES it will close the youtube app and put you back on the home screen full of ads for shows on services I don't use. Did you have 6 videos queued up to watch and decided to pause for a few minutes to go get a snack? Too bad loser, guess you have to reconnect (if it works) and add everything to your queue again.

My old chromecast had bugs now and then but nothing close to this new garbage. I would have just kept my deprecated device if I knew, but they made me send it back in to get the new one. I don't know how this thing could have possibly gone through any meaningful amount of testing and QA. 

This experience has absolutely destroyed any respect I had left for Google. 

I dream for a day when all the YouTube content creators I love move to a better, safer, stable, fair platform and I never have to rely on this awful PoS company again.

Google, your contempt and indifference towards me and the rest of your paying customers is clear as day. 

So they DID send you a new one. It’s garbage, okay, I understand. But how many people here have been given this offer? Anyone else?

Not me.

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Yeah I bought a CC with google tv just to check it out. It's garbage. It's as if they made the perfect product, stuck a UI layer over YT which no one wanted then spammed their CC with useless crap no one wants. CC ultra with no UI was golden era, it's all been utterly downhill from there. 

Whoever lead this transition at Google should be sacked, blacklisted and never allowed anywhere near technology development ever again. They've been paid to cause misery to thousands of people and eliminate any chance of those people going near future Google products and services.

Good job. Really good job. 

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I'm having this issue as well. Grrrrrrr

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The worst part of being forced to see the YouTube Guest account all the time, is watching the YouTube algorithm powering the decline of western civilization.

The algorithm's favorite creator usually appears several times with his eyes and mouth agape. A man and his content that exist only to game the algorithm, with no other purpose or meaning.

There will be no terminator, this is how AI will destroy us.

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"The algorithm's favorite creator usually appears several times with his eyes and mouth agape. A man and his content that exist only to game the algorithm, with no other purpose or meaning."

Finally, a comment I agree with.

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I am having the same issue on Pixel 6 using both Chromecast and a Chromecast ultra.


It's very annoying to pay for something that you are not getting. I am seriously annoyed by this.