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sudden wifi connection issue

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I've been using the Chromecast with GoogleTV for half a year now and it worked like a charme until a week ago when it lost connection to my wifi and was never able to reconnect. Whenever i select my wifi in the list of availables wifis the chromecast tries to connect, then tells me that it couldn't find the wifi. then i go back to the list of available wifis and the list is just empty. Then after a few seconds it slowly starts displaying available wifis again, but still won't connect to any of them.

Things i've tried so far:

  • connect to a different wifi
  • connect to my phone's hotspot
  • delete saved wifi from chromecast and reconnect (which doesn't connect but does save it)
  • disconnect power for 24h
  • factory reset chromecast from within settings
  • hard reset chromecast by holding the button on the chromecast

and yet the problem persists... i'm out of ideas. Is there anything left i could try?


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What I can see is that many people have problem with Wi-Fi.

This is what Google support team should take a look at. We have to ask the manager of this Nest to pass the problem higher.

Christian did all he could but the problem still exists.

Christian, lest us know the type of the Wi-Fi connectivity (2,4G or 5G), did you hav any update lastly, around the time when the problem occures (TV or Chromecast), did you chane anything in configuration (TV or Chromecast)... such things could have caused the problem.


...or any router update?

Thank you, Robus. Yes, i really hope Google can fix this soon as this is not a minor bug. It renders the whole product useless.

The wifi on which it worked for several months is a 2.4G but i tested a 5G network with a different router as well with the same outcome. I've also read about the 5G channel problem and tried different channels for both 2.4G and 5G.

My Chromecast is connected to a simple (i.e. not smart) video projector so no updates on that one. There have also been no changes or updates on my router. But i also don't think the router is at fault because the problem persists across multiple routers i've tried (neighbour's network, phone hotspot) also no other  of my devices (Pixel Phone, Google Home Mini, Nest Mini, and non-google devices) seem to have any problems with my network.
Whether or not the Chromecast did update before the issue i can't really say as it could have updated in the background. But as of now that would be my guess. Although i think a factory reset should also reset to an earlier version - but i may be wrong about that.

Christian, I have asked about any updates because Chromecast has problem with Wi-Fi connectivity if there is any change in this this connectivity.

I don't think that the reset brings back the orginal version of the system of the Chromecast. I suppose, after update, we get new version of the system. Original one is no longer available. 

For sure we would like to know if this is true. Google team has to answer.

I use 5G network in my house. New router TP-Link. Since I got the Chromecast everything is ok. 

Will see in the future.

Chromecast with Google TV has realy limited memory for itself. With this any update has to be limited too. New update ca cause new problems sometimes. 🙂

I am curious what would be the solution from Google to do in your case. Reset doesn't help. Also to delete saved Wi-Fi doesn't help either.

Hey - Google team - what would you say?

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I experience the same problem.

A couple of days ago issue started with my 1st Chromecast with Google TV ( I own 2), and today the 2nd Device fails too, and becomes useless. Not able to connect to Wifi network.

Tried a couple of things (factory reset, enable or disable 2.4G and/or 5, etc) but unfortunately no change.

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So... i have a solution (kind of) for my problem. Be warned. It's crazy stupid. And if someone has any explanation, i would be more than happy to hear it.

TLDR; The wifi signal is too strong. I **bleep** you not.

For six months my chromecast was positioned half a meter away from my router. nothing in between. and it worked perfectly. then it just stopped connecting. after trying a lot of stuff which i already described above, today i came up with the idea that the power supply may be faulty and doesn't provide enough power any more for the antenna. luckily i had another one which fits the specifications and i tried that one and chromecast immediately connected to my wifi. Happily i reassembled the new power supply into my setup and nothing. exact same problem. so... what did i do differently?
When i tried the new power supply initially i did that using my PC screen because it's all just more accessible than my living room setup and i could just rewire everything quicker. That PC screen is about 6 meters away from my router with a brick wall in between. And there, with the weaker signal, chromecast connected without any problems. Also with the original power supply. Also from different rooms. I tried to run around the house, plugged in at different places (checked if i can see the chromecast in google home, because obviously i don't have screens everywhere) and it showed up absolutely everywhere. As long as it didn't get too close to the router.
What about the other way around? Chromecast in it's original position, trying to connect it to my phone's hotspot. yeah. works too. if, and only if, my phone is another room. i am serious.
Maybe it's just my living room? so i put the chromecast back into my office, and tried to connect to my phone's hotspot. absolutely working great. again - as long as my phone is in a different room.

I don't know what to tell you. It sounds like a joke but that's what solves it for me. For the fun of it i broke it down to putting a jug of water right beside the chromecast (water absorbs 2.4GHz signals really well) and it actually makes the original setup work again. put the jug away, chromecast loses connection. put the jug back in place, chromecast works perfectly.
So i don't know if this is some super specific and super weird coincidence or if Google changed something in how the wifi signal is processed which leads to this, but if you have the same issue: give weakening the signal a try.

Yea, what a story...

I would like to see what do we we have in our small boxes indeed. 

Right now my Chromecast is being used in horizontal position to my router... :-), 3 meters away and with wall inbetween, Wi-Fi 5G.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Thanks for the help here, robus_pl.


christian74656, that's interesting and thanks for sharing your experience about this. I'd suggest you send feedback about this using the Google Home app. Every bit of feedback helps a ton. Here's how




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello christian74656,


I wanted to check if you still have other questions and concerns. Feel free to let me know if you do.




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Community Specialist

Hey there,


Just checking in to make sure that you've seen my response. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns as I will be locking this in 24 hours if I won't hear back from you again. Feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.