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All personal routines disappeared

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Hi all, had anybody else lost their personal routines? This evening I tried starting mine that turned off my TV, turned on my bedroom lights, said goodnight to me, waited 90 seconds and turned off my living room lights and nothing was happening. I checked the app and all of my personal routines are gone except those preloaded, and all of the preloaded had all of the additional commands I'd given them removed. Those preloaded ones I'd removed steps from still had the parts I removed gone from them, so it's not like it reset everything it just removed anything I had added. By contrast, all of my household routines were still there. I'm the only person in my household who creates routines.

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Community Specialist

Hello folks,


We’re aware of reported issues with Assistant Settings that may affect some functions, including certain Routines and settings. We’re looking into possible solutions. Meanwhile, you can check and adjust your settings and Routines in Assistant Settings or the Google Home App. 



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I did everything.. it is still hidden... I also wrote a new routine, but it does not appear for me

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Here we are nearly 9 months after this thread was first started and it just happened to me. I spoke in my usual command "Dim the Lights" which dims 21 Hubspace lightbulbs and nothing happened. So I opened the Google Home app and looked under Automations and suddenly I see 0s under every command for number of Actions.  In other words "Dim the Lights" used to say "21 actions". Now it says "0 actions". 

The voice commands I created are still there but no actions are listed under any of them anymore. I had set up 7 separate commands performed a variety of actions on these 21 light bulbs. I spent HOURS doing it - and now it's all gone! 

I had just started reluctantly using Google Home for this. I didn't see the point of it in the beginning. But after I began using it I realized it was really good. But two months later all that work is wiped out which is leaving a really bad taste in my mouth about Google Home products. 

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WTH! This is still not fixed?? I just realized that my custom personal routines ARE GONE. I just added a new smart lightbulb and need to add it to my nighttime light’s routine. HOW? I can’t find the routine to edit, it still runs at sundown and sunrise so I can’t create a new routine sine the old one is still active that’s just Dumb! Please answer here with Fix!!

Wow! This is still going on? Unbelievable. There was no fix for me. I just had to go in and re-add everything by hand. It was a real pain and something I had to do over several days. I still haven't re-added everything. I have a few routines that I just decided weren't important enough so I've left them as they are - at 0 actions.