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Annoying Audio Responses

Community Member

I've seen a number of questions about audio responses from the Google assistant when asking it to perform a simple task like turning on a fan.  I don't want to hear, "Sure, turning on (or off) fan" every single time I say, "Ok Google, turn on fan."

My solution is a workaround, but I really would like to see Google add an option to turn off audio responses for automations.

What I did to resolve the issue is

  • Open Google Home app
  • Tap Automations
  • Add a starter to "When I say to my Assistant" the voice command you want to use (Fan On)
  • Add 3 actions.
    • Add an action to Adjust media volume - Set to zero and save.
    • Add an action to Adjust Home Devices (in this case, Fan).
    • Add an action to Adjust media volume - Set to the volume you want to use.
  • Save your changes.

This method lowers the volume to zero, turns the fan on (create another similar routine to turn it off), and resets the volume.

Works like a charm!  Now, when I whisper to Google in the middle of the night, the whole house isn't awakened by an agreeable Google Assistant.


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