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Assistant refuses to add items to a list, then when I make a note about it, adds it to the list

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I say to a Google Nest Hub Gen 2:

"Add something to my X list"

What do you want to add?

"A short sentence like this"

What do you want to add?

"A short sentence like this"

What do you want to add?

"A short sentence like this"

What do you want to add?

"A short sentence like this"

[said something like] ok, here are your search results.

"Ok Google, make a note"

What do you want it to say?

I tried making a note of the issue so I could report it later.

But it converted what I said to include in the note into the list I wanted to add to previously. It did not make a note. 

This is what it should do instead:

  • Follow instructions. When you say "make a note," it should do that. I don't want it to listen for words that might mean I don't want it to make a note
  • When adding items to a list, it should ask, "What's the first thing you want to add?" Let you add it. Ask, "anything else?" 
  • And also have separator words, like "milk, then bread, then go to the post office to send a letter, then [or it could be "plus," "new list item"] visit my friend" so it knows where each note entry begins and ends.  Whatever word you want. 

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It's possible that your assistant may have misunderstood your initial request, or perhaps there was a miscommunication or error in the process of adding the item to the list. It's also possible that your assistant simply forgot to add the item and only remembered to do so after you made a note about it.

To prevent this from happening in the future, you may want to clarify your request and double-check that the item has been added before assuming that it has. You can also try providing specific instructions or using a different method of communication to ensure that your assistant understands your request clearly. Additionally, you can discuss the issue with your assistant and work together to find a solution that works for both of you.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone, 

@thomas89, thanks for your input here.

@111001010101111, we are grateful to you for sharing your thoughts about improving the Google Assistant's capability to add items to shopping lists. Please send us feedback using the Google Home app about this. If you have other questions in mind, let me know; otherwise, I'll be locking this thread in the next 24 hours.