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Away / Home Mode

Community Member

Hello All,


So I have my Samsung S21 Ultra hooked up with my Google Home and everything in my house. 

In the Goggle Home app I have certain functions set (light lights) to be turned on or off depending on my presence setting of Home or Away. 

So when I leave home the lights that need to be off and the lights that need to be on work. But the issue is that my house is near the highway that I travel for work.  So I have to drive east to get to the road that takes me to the highway and then I head west. This has be driving back past the location of my home but on the highway. So what happens is my goggle goes back to home mode and sometimes doesn't go back to away. 


Anyway to fix this other than not using the feature? Or am I sort of stuck with this?


It happens with my Yale +August lock as well. When I drive by my house on the highway it says it fails to connect. 


Didn't think it would have happened since I'm driving by on the highway so quick.