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What’s the most frequently used query in your smart home? Read more

What’s the most frequently used automation in your home? Read more

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What’s the most frequently used query in your smart home?

From “Hey Google, turn on the lights” to “Ok Google, lock the front door” there are so many fun and helpful queries you can ask Google Assistant. You can play music, turn on your favorite shows, create shopping lists and even more to control your sma...

Nest Connect

I have got yale smart lock and it is not connecting with the nest connect. I have got it installed but in the end the nest connect is showing yellow light and won’t connect. I have been trying to figure it out but no solution is provided anywhere. I ...

SSharma by Community Member
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Product Review Page

Is there a way to leave a product review for the Protect on the google store? Something analogous to a star review on Amazon.I wanted to return my 8 Protects because they all drained the (Energizer Ultimate Lithium) batteries within 6 weeks of instal...

AAK by Community Member
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Resolved! Webclient for Google Nest Doorbell

Community manager Rachel mentioned a web client in development for this device 10 months ago: I bought the device on the premise that at some point I'd be ...

danslo by Community Member
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Resolved! Changing the response volume

Hi, I have a google nest hub and also the nest hub max. Just wondering if there is a way to turn down or completely turn off the google assistant responses? I play white noise on them for when bub is asleep but everytime I ask it to turn on or off th...

Bm22 by Community Member
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Why not let us make household routines other than home and away?

I have been digging around trying to find an answer but everything says that bedtime routines and similar cannot be made household routines. They have to be copied to each person's profile. Is that seriously the only way to do this? Some of these pos...

Hiattech by Community Member
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GG Home mini won't connect to my laptop

Hi, I have a Google home mini. It worked fine before when I share my laptop's sound to the speaker. Now I don't know why when I turn on Bluetooth for my google home mini it just says "sorry, I cant connect to Bluetooth. Please try again later..." I c...

PMN by Community Member
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Products not clearly identified!

I gotta say Im spitting MAD Awhile ago I bought a nest cam. The battery one. Set it up and PAID into your subscription. Bought the cam at home depot canada. So I went backa month later and bought the wired version of the cam. MUCH to my surprise, I f...

MikeRLC1 by Community Member
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