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Can I pair smart bulbs?

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I'm considering buying smart bulbs for my lounge. I have 4 walls lights, 2 at the front of the room and 2 at the back. When I'm watching TV (located on the front wall) i generally turn off the front 2 lights and leave the rears on. 

If i replaced my existing bulbs in the room with smart bulbs, could i somehow pair them so that i could say "front lights off"?

I also want to be able to give commands like "lights off" (all 4 lights go off), "lights on" (all 4 lights turn on), "rear lights off", "front lights 50%", "all lights 50%" etc....

Has anyone got an answer for this before i purchase?



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Do not buy C by GE lights made for Google. They have a connectivity issue that makes them lose connection to the google home/mini and then they just don't work. They are absolute trash and there has been no support for them.

I've found the Kasa wifi lights have been reliable. You set them up in the Kasa app and link them in the Google home app. 

For smart home automation, don't by anything with Googles name on it. 

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