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What’s your favorite part of the Public Preview so far?

New discussion incoming! Did you know that you can save devices, actions, and automations to your Favorites in the new Google Home app? These and other features are now available in the Public Preview. Read more about them in our blog: Request an inv...

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JBL Link 10 Pairing Issues

Just wondering if anyone could help me? I have a JBLSpeaker that was working brilliant until changed my WiFi and now I can't get it to connect to the new one. It just keeps asking for my region after i select my country it keeps coming back to the re...

Ambin by Community Member
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Erratic Google Nest Screen

My google nest bought around 3 years ago has started showing a black line at the left corner and erratic opaque colours on the screen. Looking for a screen replacement/repair whichever possible.

Aparna by Community Member
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Bulbs constantly register as "offline",

We've used smart bulbs for over a year now, and occasionally we have issues with the bulbs losing connection. Usually they eventually fix themselves, but lately it has been occurring more often. Today, for example, a few bulbs stopped responding, the...

Groups within home?

I installed two Hubspace outlets to control some lamps in my living room. I have them grouped in the Hubspace app, and in the Google Home app, they're combined as “Living Room lights”.When I try to turn them on or off (whether through the app or thro...

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Doppelgänger speakers?

I have two mini home speakers designated in two different rooms (image 3, green and yellow). As you can see, both rooms have phantom duplicate speakers listed in available devices to play audio (there is only one speaker in each room), and often thes...

8B3999ED-EA42-432C-ACF5-CA20640192CB.jpeg E1EAB4FC-C075-43D6-B234-72CD3FE21BEA.jpeg 3A63F4B3-B4D7-42A1-A77B-AADB4E5A7AD2.jpeg

Nest Thermostat - trying to change networks is not working

I have a Google Nest thermostat. It's completely installed and has been working fine. I also have a google Mini-Home Smart Speaker. This device has also been working fine.I recently changed internet providers. All my amazon devices moved over to the ...

How to seperate a basement appartment on the same WiFi network

I have a basement apartment and on occasion, google home will make mistakes and turn on/off the devices in the apartment when I'm trying to control devices upstairs. Would having the devices on 2 different Google accounts resolve this issue? Or would...

ogredaddy by Community Member
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Chromecast remote connection

MI TV stick and my mobile is connected to different wifi network, how do pair them both using a QR code option so that I could cast the videos to the TV stick.

Komal6777 by Community Member
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