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Can you start a routine depending on the state of a smart object

Community Member

I would like to start a routine in the home app if the status of a switch changes.
When I create a custom routine I only have the option of starting it with an audio command , on a time basis, or ignoring an alarm.

Is there a work around for this?.




Community Member

From what I have found so far with GHA you can't do what you describe.  I'm using Tuya Smart-Life app to accomplish what you described.   If I turn on my Tuya smart wall switch on the back porch on the left side of the house I also turn on the back porch on the right side of the house light through a Tuya Smart Automation.  Same works for off.   Here is what I have described IF the Hot Tub Patio light is turned on (left side of house) then turn on Back Garage patio lights (right side of house).  Same for off.   BUT IF I turn on the Back Garage Patio lights I don't turn on the other light.  Just how I choose to do it.

Screenshot_20211122-121501_Smart Life.jpg


Once you have the link established in Tuya IF you turn on/off those lights switches in GHA via a voice command/routine/manually the linked relationship continues to work.