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Tell us about your dream (smart) home

From a modern mansion to a cozy cottage, most people can quickly picture their dream home. But what about when it comes to your dream smart home? What products would make up your ideal ecosystem? And what automation capabilities would you like to see...

Nest theromostat - too many options

Just out of curiosity, why does my Nest thermostat offer multiple "steps" for each temperature? I can choose 72 degrees (ASAP, I assume), or, 72 degrees in 25 minutes, or, 72 degrees in 1 hour & 15 minutes, and so on. If I dial through all the 72 deg...

Lost access to my nest account and connected devices

During a recent return flight from Florida, I set my phone to airplane mode. Upon landing, I turned off airplane mode and attempted to access my Nest camera in Florida. My Nest app would not allow me to login. I finally deleted the app and downloaded...

EJM by Community Member
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How to perform core web vitals audit?

Hi! I am getting issue with core web vitals performance for my website which is about estate sales services bostonCan you please suggest me best practice for getting this thing perform higher in google core web vitals.Through this it will pass techni...

alikww by Community Member
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Resolved! Roku devices not linking to Google home

I have 5 tvs registered with my Roku account (2 Roku, 1 Chromecast using a stick, and 2 with sticks). All of the sticks are linked to Google Home. Neither of the Roku TVs are. It didn't bother me much until I replaced the living room TV with a Roku T...

Merryann by Community Member
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Youtube Music History

Is there any way to musics played on google nest mini do not affect my personal recommendations on my smartphone? And is there a way to check musics that was played on nest mini?Thank you!

Google Mesh Wifi and all google devices

For the past week of so, my internet is extremely slow and spotty (Google Mesh Network). Also, my google home devices (mainly the Hub's) are not responding properly and are very slow to respond, if and when they do. My nest app is also acting up and ...

SM8 by Community Member
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