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Cannot add family member to google nest doorbell

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I cannot add my wife to our google nest door bell. When I scan the QR code, I get an error message that says cannot pair or something to that effect. I have an android phone. I don't even think my wife received the invitation and I see a message on the google home app that says the invitation no longer valid. I'm really stuck. I appreciate any help to get this setup please. Thank you




In order to share access to a Google Nest device, you do NOT try to add that device to the family member's Google Home app. Rather, you go to Settings | Household in the Google Home app and invite that family member to join your "household". The family member has to have a gmail account. Once the family member accepts the invitation, the family member should then have access to all of the Google Nest devices in the same Google Nest "home/structure" when signing onto the Google Home app with their gmail account.

You mentioned that you apparently did this previously, but you don't know whether your wife received the invitation and you're now getting a message saying the invitation is no longer valid.  Perhaps invitations need to be accepted within some sort of timeframe.  You could try re-inviting your wife to your "household".

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Community Specialist

Hello fawadmazhar1,


I wanted to follow up and see if you’re still in need of any help. Have you seen MplsCustomer’s last response? Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for the help, MplsCustomer.




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I've sent numerous invitations to my wife but she hasn't gotten any. We're both using our personal gmail accounts. How do I fix this issue?

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Community Specialist

Hey everyone,


@Gautam, thanks for joining the discussion. Did your wife already check the junk or spam folder for the invitation? She can also open the Google Home app and tap the notification to accept the invitation. Follow the steps below:


  • Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  • Tap Favorites   Inbox
  • Tap the pending invitation.
  • Follow the in-app instructions to join someone’s home.
    • To accept, tap Next.
    • To reject, tap Decline.
  • Review what’s shared when you join a home and then tap Agree.
  • Create a nickname for the home. This nickname only appears to your wife.
  • The next time she connects to the home’s Wi-Fi, open the Home app Google Home to finish Google Assistant setup, which adds her to the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi.


Keep me posted.


@fawadmazhar1, do you still need help? Reach out if you have any questions.