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Cast sounds to a speaker

Community Member

Why Google?  I used to be able to cast sounds like forest or ocean to a specific speaker, but now that's not allowed?

  • Example: After my Nest Hub Max decided to go on a rant about something on TV, I told it to stop.  The Nest Speaker in my sons room upstairs randomly responded and stopped playing forest sounds while he's sleeping.  The challenge was then to find a way to restart the sounds on that speaker WITHOUT talking to that speaker. 
  • Asking the standard "play forest sounds on <speaker name>" of course resulted in playing sounds on the device asked. 
  • Could I then choose a different device to play the sounds?  Nope. 
  • Could I use my sons bedtime routine but have it use his speaker?  Not if you're launching the routine from a voice command. 
  • Could I then launch the routine with a light switch on that speaker?  Nope, just came up with not supported. 

WTF Google.  This is the simple automation stuff here that should be just magical.  Google the magic is just gone.

Note that I did find a way, and it was HomeAssistant to the rescue.  A little search on Reddit gave the URLs to the different relaxing sounds that I could then call media play service to send to my sons speaker.  I can also now create a voice command or button in Google (using the HA integration) that will do it easily.