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Device state not checked automatically upon change

Community Member

I am using a Shelly Door Window 2 Sensor, a typical two-part sensor with a bigger part full of electronics and a smaller magnet, triggering stuff when moved away.

The Shelly DW2 is supported by Home scripts according to this list.

The problem so far is: opening or closing doesn't trigger the routine as intended.

Playing with the sensor a little bit I found out that only when switching between the general Home app devices overview and the device's specific settings view the device's state is checked and a script is being started accordingly. (I suppose the state is checked for display reasons. How far has the slider to be shown for a certain device?)

The Shelly App that is connected to my Home account does report the state correctly and immediately. Only the Home app isn't picking it up upon change.

It's a bit like an Excel sheet with automatic calculations disabled.


Community Member

I had the same problem with a routine that was supposed to trigger depending on the state of a connected plug : GHome did not receive the status of the plug in real time, so the routine did not work.

It remains to be seen whether the problem comes from GHome or the 3rd part...

Community Member

I have the same problem with a Shelly that I used as start for the home/leave routine. It worked properly until July but from two months it only works if I change the state of the device from the Google home app. It seems that google doesn't update automatically the device status.

Community Member

There are at the moment problems with Shelly devices for trigger a routine, see also this thread:
Hope they will fix it soon.

Community Member

Thank you for pointing me in that direction. Apparently it's indeed a Shelly issue. New firmware is 4 days old.