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Getting real tired of Nest going backwards.

Community Member

I had more features 5 years ago with nest than I do today. Google... You have ruined what was one a decent service. You can't use the nest app on Chromecast plugins or Chromecast built in android/Google TVs but you used to be a able to. I can no longer change the chime or ringtone of the nest doorbell camera, but you used to be able to. Unrelated but I loved ask the pixel phones too except this garbage of a Pixel 6.


Bottom line stop breaking things and removing features. It's been a few years now since you broke the nest app on Chromecast. But you can watch and get alerts on a Google display (hub, Max) every customer service rep tells me there is no news of a fix. The firmware and programming of a nest hub and a Chromecast stick can not be that different, there is internet, a processor and a screen. 52 million users and you put products and updates out that arnt to par. Do you have any product testing or review process of someone telling you something is a bad idea before you send it out?