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Google Assistant on Google Home devices refuses to make notes if you say certain words

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Two issues:

1. I'm sick of asking Google Home devices to make a note, making a statement of what I want saved, and having Assistant tell me, "I'm sorry, what was the note?" because I used a word like "routine" or "note" or something it associates with some other functionality, so it rejects anything I say in the note. I'm literally telling it what to do, and it's trying to be smart and helpful by ignoring that. Guess what? that's frustrating! Not helpful!

Google Assistant (activated by holding down the power button) on a smartphone can make a note without rejecting it if you use certain words, but Google Home products can't.

And if you have Assistant typing enabled with Gboard, it's a far better experience, because the mic stays on and doesn't turn off the second you pause while speaking and save the note.

2. I'm unsure if using "Hey Google" on a Pixel smartphone has this issue as well, because whenever said device is around a smart home device, one of them takes over the note-taking ability. Even if it's in another room. So it would rather out-source the note-taking to a device much further away, instead of using the smartphone in your hand.

This is because there's way to differentiate between wanting to do something on your Android smartphone with "hey google" enabled, or your Google Home devices.

And Android smartphones also arent included on the Google Home app list of device "hey google" sensitivity.

The more contact I have with Google products and staff, the more I'm learning how your company is a shadow of what it once was. As soon as a competent competitor comes along, I'm gone. I'm sick of the bad design and incompetency. It's really impressive how you can generate so much income, yet deliver products and services that are so dysfunctional. 


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Community Specialist

Hello 111001010101111, 

Thanks for posting here in the Community. 

We deeply appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences, and we'll take it as feedback. We hope we can change your mind in the future. Please send us feedback so our product team will be able to look into this. If you have other questions in mind, let me know; otherwise, I'll be locking this thread in the next 24 hours.