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Google can’t keep up with New wake words, makes Amazon look better.

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Just bought a 2nd Gen Nest Hub to be the center of smart home. Looked up how to change the wake word, and saw you can’t. Did more digging in this forum and found this reply about how new wake words are too “challenging” to implement.

I don’t doubt that’s true, but when your biggest smart home competitor can figure it out, Amazon, then it’s it kind of hard to take that as an answer.


I’ve seen countless posts about this feature. WE KNOW HOW TO SUBMIT FEEDBACK. I know Google doesn’t believe there’s enough interest. But please Google, reconsider. This feature would be beloved by not only everyone who’s asked for it, but by those who don’t even know they want it. 

If Google came out and said, “you can call your nest hub anything you choose to wake it up!” That wouldn’t be just a nice update/feature, that’s a whole selling point. People don’t want to call their home assistant “Google.” They want to make it feel like home. Like they’re living in the future. Saying Google every time you need your assistant doesn’t have a home-y feeling. I think whatever support person that reads this (if any) would agree deep down.

just knowing it’s on the roadmap would be lovely. 



I respectfully disagree. Google Assistant is NOT our "home assistant". It's an inanimate computer process with imperfect voice recognition that performs a finite number of tasks, and its search results--like the Google Search Engine--are sometimes suspect. It's bad enough that it sometimes responds by mistake when it hears something in a conversation that sounds like "Google". If its "wake" word was something random we picked out, the thing could often get triggered inadvertently whenever we or visitors in our home were engaged in conversation.

And I'd just as soon have my grandchildren recognize it as an inanimate computer process that requires precisely articulated commands in order to perform correctly, not as a member of our household.

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Thanks for the help here, MplsCustomer.


NewWakeWordsPLS, thanks for reaching out. We appreciate people who are keen on sharing their thoughts with us. We're always looking for ways to improve. I'd suggest you submit feedback about it. See the article below on how to do it.


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