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Google doorbell doesn’t charge.

Community Member

My nest doorbell quit working months ago and I have received no help. There is nobody to contact directly. 

My last post here was locked after someone asked me to complete a form 2 weeks ago. I still have received no response from anyone. 

There are hundreds of people complaining about the same issue. That their device does not charge when plugged in and dies with no way to use it. 


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

I've asked a specialist to review this topic. In the meantime, you can contact support directly if you'd prefer.

  1. Go to Contact Us - Google Nest Help
  2. Select "Doorbell", type a brief description of the issue, then click "Next".
  3. Click "Other", then click "Next step" until you see the contact options.
  4. Choose to get a call or call or chat with the team as available in your country.