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Google won't speak for automations that I've created

Community Member

If I put "Tell me about the weather" in the "Good morning" automation, google tells me the weather.

If I put "Tell me about the weather" in my created 7:45 AM automation, nothing ever happens.

     When given the option, I choose "Announce on device that starts the routine" but still get "No device for audio available."

This is crazy! Why can one automation announce the weather on my pixel 4a phone but other routines can't?

Is there a solution to this annoyance?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Schmuttis,


Thanks for reaching out. That certainly hasn’t been easy for you. Let’s check out what’s going on. A few questions: when did it begin? Were there any recent changes made before it started? Do you have multiple languages added?


Try to change the language to English US only then create a scheduled routine then observe if it makes a difference. 


Keep me posted.




Community Member

Thanks for replying @Juni. Sorry but I didn't see your response until today.

The problem began the first time I tried to announce the weather in a routine (that runs at a specific time) other than the "google" good morning routine and never stopped. The only language I have enabled is English.

I gave up on getting this google routine to work on my pixel 4a phone. I now am using Home Assistant to send the announcement to my phone in the morning. So it is working - just not via Google routine.