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How to start music from the app

Community Member

I'm really unhappy with the new app alot of features are gone. 

1) I have a night time station that I like to play late at night if i have trouble sleeping but I don't want to wake the person next to me with my voice. I used to be able to start the routine from my app. Now the app just says "starting" and nothing happens. No option for which speaker to play on, nothing.

2) You can't view your activity from the app. Even though there's an activity tab all the boxes are empty. (A couple times a week Google either gets snarky when I try to run a routine or it misheard me. I need to look at feedback to see what it is. Is there a simple command to start a routine or am I stuck with Googles snarky replies when trying to start a routine? )

3) No media tab. I can't turn speakers on or off. At times I like the station playing through the whole house. I can no longer do that.

4) Old help pages are still up so finding the current solution is very frustrating. 


Community Member

Same here! Music control was mostly manageable in the old app - but now it looks like I'm going to have to learn the Alexa app. Most of what I see in the new Google app I don't like - music to multiple speakers not working - color selection and dimming on wifi bulbs color accuracy and drag sensitivity is a step backward for me.

Community Member

I was able to start music via the app by making a routine with this custom command: 

Play [name of what you want to play] on [name of the speaker


After I posted my original,  once music is playing on my speaker I get a pop-up in the app (Assuming wifi is on) if I tap the pop up I get music controls and radio buttons for my different speakers. I can then choose where the music is playing. 


I hope this helps.